Canton Becker

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Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
T: (505) 501-8091

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Electroswing & Jacked Jazz DJ Mix

I recorded this set at a mellow outdoors party by the side of a pond in Chimayo, New Mexico. If you haven’t heard  electroswing yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s what happens when 30’s swing meets up with modern house.

Canton’s 40th Birthday Mixtape


I turned 40 today!

To celebrate, I put together a 2.5 hour continuous mix of the most moving, fun, inspirational, and peaceful music I’ve discovered over the last ten years.

This musical trip will take you into ambient, hip hop, folk, techno, and modern classical spaces.

I really enjoyed making this mix, and I hope it adds some joy to your day as well.

Click here to listen to or download the MP3 and read the liner notes.


Leah’s Valentines Day Mix

Leah’s Valentines Day Mix by Canton on Mixcloud

Eclectic Mix of “Some Guys”

A departure from my usual dance/electronica mixes. This one includes everything from Appalachian blues to electronic/glitch to hip hop to pirate ballads to chants. I put this together when a group of my Guy Friends got together to share stories and music. The only theme to this mix that the songs are all recorded by … guys.

Click to zoom track listing

Funky Nasty Techno Mix

Recorded live from on top of Roe Mesa at a party in Northern New Mexico this past weekend. Funky techno / electro, featuring songs with dirty(ish) vocal samples. Starts off with 128 BPM techno, ends up with 140 BPM full-on breaks. (The set then continued into big drum ‘n’ bass and went all over the place… but these 50 minutes are the best part.)

Click below to listen:


Space Lullaby Mix

Recorded in March 2008 – Very mellow go-to-sleep ambient space music mix. Features tracks by Bark Psychosis, Aphex Twin, Steve Roach, Michael Stearns… even some very early Moby before he was consumed by Pop. For Benjamin Becker, born on February 12, 2008.

Click below to listen:


Moon Mix for Leah

Ambient-ethno grooves & oldschool intelligent drum’n’bass.

Listen here:


Twelve more hours of DJ sets (1999 – present)

Many of my sets are available for streamed listening and/or mp3 downloading here:

These include mellow sets (like Leah’s Moon Mix) as well as straight up techno and funky tekhouse mixes (like the Dinosaur Mix and Dirty Secrets) and lot of Drum and Bass — including that great 1990’s era stuff that was so melodic and jazzy. If you like d’n’b be sure to check out Strictly Junggle 3 – a live recording from an outdoor renegade where the mixer feed was supplimented by an MS-stereo microphone feed so you can hear the crowd, the nitrous tank, etc…