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Santa Fe, NM / Oakland / Seattle
Techno + d'n'b + Ambient Music D.J.
cell: (505) 570 - 0635

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Nasty Funky Techno
50 minutes
58 MB
9/2008 - Live from atop Rowe Mesa in New Mexico. Nasty funky techno, electro, breaks.
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Space Lullaby

60 minutes
54 MB

3/2008 - Very mellow go-to-sleep ambient space music mix. For Benjamin Becker, born 2/12/08. P.S. Need to fall asleep? Visit my sleepy sounds page.
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Moon Mix
69 minutes
94 MB

12/2006 - Ambient-ethno grooves & oldschool intelligent drum'n'bass. For Leah my love.
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Dinosaur Mix 56 minutes
77 MB
9/2006 - Coal and wood-fired techno, recorded live in the middle of a cow pasture just outside Dinosuar Nat'l Monument.
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Dirty Secrets
33 minutes
62 MB

5/2006 - Short squirty electro breaks & tek-house set (Santa Fe, NM). "The bass is so twisted in this set, it made me want to go and put an electric sander to my neighbours BMW... DJ Canton Becker is a sound producer who loves DJing. You can tell." - So says SpineShaker
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d'N'b Convergence
62 minutes
61 MB
12/2005 - From "Hip Hop Convergence" in Santa Fe, NM. Starts off with jazzy mellow d'n'b, then progresses into some pretty hard and funky shit, latin stuff, old & new. Lofi recording. Short video clip here.
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31 flavors 2005 78 minutes
83 MB
5/2005 - House Party (Santa Fe). Old school funk (blondie!) to 70's mash-ups to trance to electro breaks...
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Strictly JunGGle3
120 minutes
73 MB
7/2001 - From an outdoors renegade party atop a New Mexico mesa. Live recording (you can even hear the crowd.) High-energy rolling drum 'n' bass.
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Groovin' Thumpen
68 minutes
62 MB
12/2000 - The Creamery party pt. 2 (Oakland). Quirky funky techno to tekhouse/electro.
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Sleepy Breaks
67 minutes
61 MB
12/2000 - The Creamery party pt. 1 (Oakland). Superslow breaks into tripped out d'n'b into atmospheric d'n'b.
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31 flavors Y2K 54 minutes
50 MB
7/2000 - Ryan's birthday (San Francisco). Step from tekhouse to techno to electro to d'n'b to tekstep in an hour. Yikes!
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54 minutes
71 MB
10/1999 - Mellow drum 'n' bass, some jazzy, some tekstep.
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70 minutes
68 MB
11/1999 - Brian eno & other ambient superheroes. An hour of pure aural bliss...
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