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About the MP3 files

"White Noise"
35 minutes / 48 MB
Just white noise, sounds like ocean waves but more gentle.

"White Noise and Heartbeat"
35 minutes / 48 MB
White noise plus a reassuring heartbeat.

"White Noise and Heartbeat and Atmospherics"
35 minutes / 45 MB
Same as above, but also with some extra ambient sounds to add depth and variety.

"White Noise and Heartbeat and Atmospherics (Seamless Loop)"
30 minutes / 21 MB
Same as #3, but this is a seamless loop (doesn't fade in/out) -- Excellent if your MP3 player / CD burner is capable of gapless playback.


These works are made available to you for free under a "Creative Commons" license as follows:

Creative Commons License

This work by Canton Becker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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About this project

I made these sounds and this web page after a rather frustrating time searching the Internet for free MP3s of ambient white-noise stuff -- things to help my baby boy sleep.

MicrophoneI was amazed when I found no high quality long playing mp3s free of charge.

So here you are!

Download these sounds into your iPod or whatever you use to lull your child (or yourself) to sleep.

These are original synthesized creations using Logic Audio Pro and Native Instruments Traktor. No real ocean waves here -- they're too unpredictable and their crashing sometimes wakes up the baby. :) These are computer-generated white noise waves that have been filtered to remove the harsh frequencies found in "true" white noise.

If you're looking for something a little more musical, see the ambient music page.





How to use these files

Each soundtrack lasts about 35 minutes, which means you can burn two of them on an audio CD and then put that CD or track on infinite loop.

If you're using an iPod or MP3 player and you want these sounds to last for a 3 hour long nap time (don't we all!) just make a playlist that includes the same sound over and over. For a smoother transition between repetitions, look into "gapless playback".

Help for downloading

Use the download buttons in the MP3 player above, or if that doesn't work click here for a different download method.

Once downloaded, you can drag the mp3 files into your favorite mp3 software (e.g. iTunes) or CD burning software.


Questions, comments, ideas, your own sounds -- please send it all to:

Canton Becker

"I made a donation because finding your website was a Godsend for me (and I believe that literally.) Since last summer I have been using a cd with ocean sounds to get to sleep.

Last week I was visiting friends for several days, but didn't take my cd with me. I managed to get to sleep the first night, but it was a lot less pleasant than when I fall asleep with the ocean sounds. My friends' computer was in my room, and they kindly let me search for ocean sounds.......... and I found your wonderful website. I set the sound track on repeat, and snoozed peacefully every night I was there, thanks to you!

Best wishes on your business ventures... and enjoy your family! When you get to my point in life, you realize how short life is, and how important it is to relish every moment you get with loved ones."


- Jeanine