Should I use Noise Reduction (NR) and/or Gradation (SAT) on the Olympus E620?

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Field: no NR, no SAT
Field: no NR, yes SAT
Field: yes NR, no SAT
Field: yes NR, yes SAT

Field (100%): no NR, no SAT
Field (100%): no NR, yes SAT
Field (100%): yes NR, no SAT
Field (100%): yes NR, yes SAT

Flags: yes NR, no SAT
Flags: yes NR, yes SAT

All photos were shot in manual mode, hand-held. These reductions and 100% crops were made from the Olympus JPG images. No RAW processing here. The images embedded on this page are lossless PNGs.

When "gradation" was on, it was in "Auto" mode.

When noise reduction was on, it was in "Standard" mode.

FIELD settings:

FLAG settings:

Olympus E620 Noise reduction and "Gradation" (SAT / Shadow Adjustment Technology) Examples

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