Does your MacBook Pro™ have a (part-way) yellowish display?

I have purchased two 15″ Core 2 Duo 2.2 Ghz MacBook Pros in the last two weeks, and I have returned both of them because of an infuriating defect. What makes the defect so infuriating is that Apple tech support will not admit that there is any such thing as a “yellowish bottom of the screen” defect with its latest round of MacBook Pros — the first to employ a brand new low-power LED backlight.

The Apple product specialist I’ve spoke to insisted that — if indeed there was such a thing as a yellowing screen problem on my MacBook — that this was an isolated incident.

What I suspect is that the majority of “SR” LED-backlit MacBook Pros exhibit this problem, but that it is a subtle enough problem so that most buyers do not notice it until it is too late to bother with a return.

Make Apple acknowledge the problem!

Run this test to see if your MacBook Pro is defective, and if so, insist on getting a replacement. If your replacement is defective, demand that Apple replace that one too!

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