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Over 20 years of experience

I’ve been making websites since 1994, the very dawn of the Web. In addition to making regular WordPress sites, I do custom programming and database design for content management, ecommerce and event registration, mass email systems and whatever else my clients ask for. I’m friendly, I’m fast, I test my work, and I don’t touch a line of code until I’m absolutely sure that I understand the job that’s being asked of me.

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Featured Client

Upaya Zen Center

The Upaya Zen Center wanted a dramatic new look for their website that reflected their commitment to compassionate engagement. Virtually all of the website content was migrated into a mobile-responsive WordPress site so that Upaya’s staff could easily edit any page. A custom MySQL/PHP content management system was built to handle annual memberships, fundraising, and retreat registrations.

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Featured Client

The Asia Foundation

I’ve been working with The Asia Foundation since 2008. Our 2016 redesign was an ambitious project that included migrating thousands of records from a custom content management system into WordPress, and launching the new website on a cloud hosting platform to mirror assets on 50 severs worldwide.

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Featured Client

Monastery of Christ in the Desert

This job began with designing a new website and logo for this Benedictine monastery. Next, we designed and implement a database and content management system to accommodate all of the monastery’s needs for managing overnight guest reservations, taking donations, and sending out mailings.

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Personal Projects

I make websites and inventions that let me explore my obsessions: I like fooling with electronics, cryptocurrency, music-making, and gathering together communities of people with similar interests. I sponsor random acts of beauty and look for mischief-causing opportunities that make people laugh.

My Future Self

I thought it was a shame that Facebook and Twitter and blogging have all but killed the practice of keeping a diary for oneself. This site invites you to start a diary by beginning an email correspondence with “Your Future Self”. Each week you receive a new question via email. Just hit ‘reply’ to add a new entry to your diary. Social sharing is specifically disallowed, making a place for private journals once again.



SampleSwap.org is a place for electronic musicians to share sounds (“samples”) and their original music. The site has over 390,000 registered users, and grows by about 150 members every day. It’s also home to an extraordinary collection of creative-commons licensed music for use in films, games, etc.



I’ve been composing and recording electronic music since 1983. Most of my tracks have a strong melodic and harmonic backbone to them. I started DJ’ing in 1995, when I fell in love with drum ‘n’ bass and the rave / EDM / Burning Man scene. I also do occasional music work for TV, film, and games.

All of my music and DJ sets are available as high quality MP3 downloads on SoundCloud. You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes. Most of my music can be used for free for films and games (including commercial use and remixing) under a Creative Commons CC-BY 2.0 license.

Fresh from the Oven

“Listen Carefully” (2024) – Lush harmonic techno, giant chords and a persistent beep to the beat.

Latest DJ Mix

“It’s Pretty In My House” – Melodic progressive house plus a few surprises… Something uplifting and pretty for these days when we’re stuck in our homes. Live online performance during COVID 2020 as part of Team Everything’s fundraiser for the Navajo Nation.