DJ Mixes

I started DJ’ing with records in 1992 (on WNUR 89.3FM — Evanston, IL.) Since then I switched to CDs and more recently to mixing on a PowerBook with Native Instruments Traktor and a Feena FM-DJ9303 MIDI controller.

There’s a big variety of stuff here: techno, drum ‘n’ bass, ambient, electroswing, even some “real” music. All of the DJ sets on this page are recorded as high quality downloadable MP3s with no interruptions or voice-overs. Enjoy!

Selected DJ Sets 1999-2015

Latest Original Tracks

  • Listen Carefully

    Listen Carefully

    Lush harmonic techno, giant chords and a persistent beep to the beat.
  • Area 51

    Area 51

    The other day my kid had me listen to this haunting Tool track Faaip De Oiad which samples a phone call made to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio show. The caller frantically relays …
  • Raga Purya Kalyan (Subspiritual Mix)

    Raga Purya Kalyan (Subspiritual Mix)

    Back in the 90’s, I found a cassette tape of this beautiful 25 minute raga featuring flute by the master G.S. Sachdev. In 2002, I used it as the basis for a composition for my …

Latest DJ Sets

  • It’s Pretty Inside My House Mix

    It’s Pretty Inside My House Mix

    Melodic progressive house, something uplifting and pretty for these days when we’re stuck in our homes. Live online performance during COVID 2020 as part of Team Everything’s fundraiser for the Navajo Nation. Artwork by Nina …
  • Facebook Live Techno DJ Set (COVID-19 Quarantine)

    Facebook Live Techno DJ Set (COVID-19 Quarantine)

    One of the ways I’ve been keeping myself semi-socialized during this period of “social distancing” has been to throw down DJ sets on Facebook live. Here’s a 50 minute funky techno / acid techno set. …
  • “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    Recorded live as a guest DJ on KMRD FM in Madrid, NM on Oblivious Word’s “Word Soup” show. This is a fairly “techno” type of drum ‘n’ bass mix: not jazzy or melodic. Sharp, precise, moving. …
  • Chimayo Electroswing

    Chimayo Electroswing

    Nice long leisurely mix of some classic and newer electroswing and jacked jazz. DJ’d live at a friend’s party in Chimayo, New Mexico under sunny skies chilling by the pond. If you are still sitting …
  • Canton’s 40th Birthday Mixtape

    Canton’s 40th Birthday Mixtape

      I turned 40 today! To celebrate, I put together a 2.5 hour continuous mix of the most moving, fun, inspirational, and peaceful music I’ve discovered over the last ten years. This musical trip will …
  • Leah’s Valentines Day Mix

    Leah’s Valentines Day Mix

    Or, "15 ways I might have said I love you myself." A lovely mix featuring Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Modest Mouse, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, and more...
  • Eclectic Mix of “Some Guys”

    Eclectic Mix of “Some Guys”

    A departure from my usual dance/electronica mixes. This one includes everything from Appalachian blues to electronic/glitch to hip hop to pirate ballads to chants. I put this together when a group of my Guy Friends …
  • Thirty-One Flavors 2000

    Thirty-One Flavors 2000

    Recorded at Ryan's birthday party in San Francisco. Moves from tekhouse to techno to electro to drum 'n' bass and back to tekstep in an hour. Yikes!