Original Music

You can listen to most of my productions on this page. You can also stream or purchase most of my music from the usual digital music stores and streaming services: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Soundcloud, Tidal, Bandcamp

I’ve been making electronic music since around 1985. I was 12 years old, and I rocked out with with a Radio Shack Moog knock-off, a TR-505 drum machine, and a (borrowed) Ensoniq ESQ-1. Today, some 33+ years later, the gear has changed but I’m still moved by the some of the same harmonies and beats. Sometimes I compose music for TV, film, and video games.

Most of my music is available for for royalty-free use in TV, film, or video games under a Creative Commons attribution license.

The Great River (2018)

Uplifting breaks and drum ‘n’ bass. Available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal

Lost In The Field (1999)

Quirky jazzy fun electronic music. Available on Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon

Latest Music

  • Shepard’s Pi: (Almost) Endless Space Music

    Shepard’s Pi: (Almost) Endless Space Music

    Shepard’s Pi” is one continous song that lasts for 999,999,999 hours, or about 114 years. I composed an algorithm to make this music using the first one billion digits of pi. Each digit (3.1415…) determines …
  • Peace Channel

    Peace Channel

    An Endlessly Looping Audio/Video Space Music Composition dedicated to Michael P. Becker (1944-2018) ABOUT THE MUSIC I remember one time when my friend Matt was taking a break from work, playing a Zimbabwean melody on …
  • The Great River (2018)

    The Great River (2018)

    Melodic fun and uplifting breaks composed between 2000 and 2018. 11 tracks, 1 hour 7 minutes STREAM / BUY Bandcamp | Spotify | Soundcloud | Apple Music | Google Play | Amazon | Tidal

Latest DJ Mix

  • “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    Recorded live as a guest DJ on KMRD FM in Madrid, NM on Oblivious Word’s “Word Soup” show. This is a fairly “techno” type of drum ‘n’ bass mix: not jazzy or melodic. Sharp, precise, moving. …