Original Music

I’ve been making electronic music since around 1985. I was 12 years old, and I rocked out with with a Radio Shack Moog knock-off, a TR-505 drum machine, and a (borrowed) Ensoniq ESQ-1. Today, some 30+ years later, the gear has changed but I’m still moved by the some of the same harmonies and beats. Sometimes I compose music for TV, film, and video games.

Most of my music is available for download in high-quality 320kbps MP3 format for royalty-free use in TV, film, or video games under a Creative Commons attribution license. Click the download-icon icon to download any track.


Drum ‘n’ Bass

Grooving / Melodic / Breaks

My Favorites

Ambient / Atmospheric


Latest Music

  • Cost of Difference

    Cost of Difference

    Moody thick drum ‘n’ bass. Starts off with almost classical/orchestral elements, then the drop, then a little more banging. Lots of arpeggios and melodic content.
  • December V

    December V

    This was the third track in my one song a month project. Here I’m playing around with polyrhythms (3 against 4 against 5 against…) and some nice pure synth tones. It’s in a major key, …
  • Kipsigis Love Song

    Kipsigis Love Song

    This was the second track in my one song a month project. The sample you hear in this deep tribal house track is from a wonderful collection of records I found recorded in 1952 — …

Latest DJ Mix

  • “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    Recorded live as a guest DJ on¬†KMRD FM in Madrid, NM on Oblivious Word’s “Word Soup” show. This is a fairly “techno” type of drum ‘n’ bass mix: not jazzy or melodic. Sharp, precise, moving. …