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Full moons and meteor showers for your calendar

tinycalendarSubscribing to this public calendar (.ics file) will insert dates and times of events of astronomical significance into your iPhone / Android / Outlook / other calendar program / cybernetic mutant brain chip. This calendar is something I curate by hand at the beginning of each year to highlight full moons, new moons, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, mercury retrogrades, all the good meteor showers and some other surprises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work with Google Calendar or Yahoo Calendar?
A: Yes! Here are the instructions for Yahoo, and here are the instructions for Google. The URL you will subscribe to is:
Q: Why do events such as the Full Moon have both a date and time?
A: Because the time shows the exact moment when the the moon will appear most full. Depending on where you are in the world, you will want to plan your full moon adventure on the night that is closest to the full moon. For example, the September 26, 2007 full moon happened at 3:45 pm Eastern Time. If you were in Europe, that was 7:45 or 8:45 pm. If you were in New Zealand, that was  7:45 am on the following day – September 27th. So if you were in London, you’d want to howl at the moon on the night of the 26. But if you were in New Zealand, it’s the night of the 27th when the moon appeared brightest.

* Event times in this calendar are entered as UTC or Mountain Time – but your software should automatically convert to your local timezeone.

Q: How do I unsubscribe?
A: That depends on your device or software.

Just try googling for something like, “how to unsubscribe calendar iPhone”.


Incorrect date or time? Missing event? Want to dispute the date or spelling of an astro-pagan holiday?

You can contact Canton at

The author of this calendar in 2000, relaxing on the surface of the moon wearing his Earthrise goggles and dust-retardant rave-wear.

I came here to say thanks

YOU’RE WELCOME! I love putting together this calendar each year. Everyone needs a reminder to look up at the sky from time to time.

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This calendar has been continuously running as a free service since 2007. Today, over 175,000 people are subscribed. The bandwidth it takes to provide this service isn’t free: it costs over $750 per year.

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“I absolutely am in love with your calendar and I’m so thankful for the work you put into it. I always missed events before but my daughter and I watched the Geminids together because of YOU! She is 10 and just loved it! So much so that she asked for (and received) a tent for Christmas so we could watch stars together and go in the tent to snuggle when we got too cold.”
– R.S.