Here’s some feedback for the open source development team that’s updating NPR’s somewhat buggy but hugely valuable Android application:

Please make it easier to listen to NPR programs with this app.

I’m sure there are users of this App who like to fiddle around with the program streams and create their own custom playlists, but the premise I’m working on is that the majority of people who use the NPR Android App use it for a simple purpose: to listen to a show. NPR is radio, and the great thing about radio is that you can listen to it while working, walking, running, or driving.

Consequently, every time I use this app I’m frustrated because it takes me about 70 seconds of pointing, dragging, and button clicking (14 steps in all) to listen to a show. Don’t believe me? Watch this video, which also includes a recommendation for improvement:

Have you figured out a way to bypass any of these 14 steps? Let me know in the comments.