After more than 5 years of planning and full year of on-and-off programming, I’m pleased to announce the public beta launch of My Future Self at

“My Future Self is a new way to keep an private journal online. It will encourage you to write about your life and the stories from your past. If you have kids, it’s a way to start keeping a journal for them – for when they grow up and wonder what was going on during their early years.

My Future Self is not a website. It is a private journal you will keep via email, sometimes responding to questions about your life, sometimes by sending an email just because you feel like writing down what happened to you today.

The only time you’ll return to this website will be to explore what you’ve written. When you do come back, what makes My Future Self special is that your stories will automatically be organized into timelines, places, dates, and relationships so that you can better visualize and understand the story of your life.”