f710-gaming-gamepad-imagesThese instructions for how to setup the Logitech F710 gamepad (joystick) for Mavericks / Yosemite / OS X Macintosh were originally posted on now-defunct macgamepads.com. 


The trick is to plug in the receiver while the controller is actively connecting.


  • Logitech F710 controller (included with F710 purchase).
  • USB Nano-receiver (included with F710 purchase).
  • Optional – Gamepad Companion or Joystick Show application.


  1. Unplug the nano-receiver.
  2. Put the F710 controller into DirectInput mode using D switch on front of controller.
  3. Launch Gamepad Companion or Joystick Show, if you have either of these apps. This is nice for verification, but not required for connectivity or use with games that natively support the F710.
  4. Activate the F710 gamepad (move the controls until a light blinks at least once) so it’s trying to connect to the receiver.
  5. Plug the receiver into the USB port, while the controller is actively connecting to it.


  • If you have VMWare running, you may need to run a Windows VM so you can tell VMWare to give the device to the Mac, not the VM, when it’s detected. From what I can tell the device just silently doesn’t appear. I haven’t tried stopping VMWare helper, or seeing if I can configure it differently.