After registering a new domain name, you may receive an email like this one:


It’s a scam. It did not come from the same place where you purchased your domain name. This company watches the WHOIS database and sends unsolicited email to new registrants, which is illegal. They want to fool you into signing up for unnecessary (paid) services.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Flag the email as spam so that your email service provider starts blocking these on everyone’s behalf
  2. Setup a filter to send anything from ‘’ to spam, because you have already been added to their mailing list
  3. If you REALLY want to be a good citizen, contact the attorney general in Nevada to get this company shut down. Update: See comment #8 from the NV Attorney General below.

To: Nevada Attorney General

To whom it may concern:

The company “Pure Registration” which lists its address as 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #5474 Las Vegas NV, 89107 is engaging in illegal activities to dupe consumers into signing up for their commercial service.
The company apparently monitors the registration of new websites via publicly available WHOIS records and send unsolicited emails to the website registrants. This is an illegal use of WHOIS public information. Further, they add those emails to a mailing list without the registrant opting in. This is also illegal.
The email they send out is fraudulent in that they claim that their service is required to “Complete Site Submission [Final Step]”. The intent of their email is to fool the recipient into thinking that their service is a requirement to completing a legitimate business transaction they initiated with their own domain name registrar — a completely separate company.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.