Download Free White Noise MP3s

Sleepy sounds (like ocean waves) for you or your baby. Get relief from tinnitus, stress, or your noisy workplace.

These long-playing white noise MP3 tracks are available for download in high-quality 320kbps MP3 format for free under a Creative Commons attribution license. Click the download-icon icon to download any track. Alternatively, you can get them from my Dropbox folder.

Each soundtrack lasts about 35 minutes, which means you can burn two of them on an audio CD and then put that CD or track on infinite loop.

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Why do babies like NOISE?

Maybe it’s because the auditory environment in utero is supposedly quite noisy.

“Fetuses are barraged by sensory input, from the whoosh of blood through the mother’s arteries to the rocking of her every move.”
– Dr. Harvey Karp
Author of “The Happiest Baby on the Block”

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About the MP3 files

These are original synthesized creations. No real ocean waves here. These are computer-generated white noise waves that have been filtered to remove the harsh frequencies found in “true” white noise.

Ambient Mixes

Looking for something a little less minimal and a little more musical than plain old white noise?

Don’t miss Drone Zone Radio from Soma FM. This is a free streaming radio station. It doesn’t run any advertisements, so you can zone out to it all night long.

I’ve also got some long-playing sleepy music mixes of my own:

Ambient Albums

Eingya” by Helios on MP3. This is one of the most exquisitely beautiful, tranquil, soothing and melodic albums I have have heard in my entire life. Definitely sleepy-sounds worthy.

Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks” by Brian Eno on CD or MP3. This is the 1983 album by Brian Eno, the very gentleman who coined the term “Ambient Music”.

Almost anything by Michael Stearns, the widely acknowledged master of the ambient space music genre.