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Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
T: (505) 501-8091

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"I've had the privilege of working with Canton on complex custom web applications for my largest client and also as a colleague on other projects where coordination between interface design and back end programming is essential. Hands down he's the best programmer I have worked with. Always helpful, on time and on budget, and invariably points out ways to improve user experience. I recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation."

- David Hirschi
Web Designer & Developer

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Website Design & WordPress Programming

Your friendly professional Santa Fe web designer since 1994 — specializing in elegant and intuitive websites powered by WordPress and custom-tailored database content management systems.

Web DesignLet’s make an amazing website together.

Featured Client

Global Ecotechnics

Global Ecotechnics is the parent company for a number of incredibly interesting projects including the Research Vessel Heraclitus — a 75-foot sailing eco-laboratory — and Biosphere 2— “the #3 greatest engineering achievement in the 20th Century”.

As part of this project we also launched a new ecommerce website to sell books for Global Ecotechnic’s independent publishing company, Synergetic Press. Both websites — including the book store / shopping cart — were built entirely using WordPress so that the client could easily edit all pages and products.

A Best of Industry Award Winner!

Our work helped The Asia Foundation earn a prestigious Non-Profit Standard of Excellence Award for the 2010 Web Marketing Association WebAwards. Congratulations to the web team including David Hirschi, Donovan Watts, and Keith Mitchell. It’s notable that most of this award-winning design work was completed almost five years ago, proving that our work remained relevant and engaging long after launch-date.

Personal Obsessions is a noncommercial project currently in beta-testing that has been literally 20 years in the making. I’ve only been working on the programming for the past 5 years, but it’s all based on an idea I had in high school: “What if I started writing letters to be read by myself 10 years in the future?” This project touches on a number of my interests: journal keeping, artificial intelligence programming, and using computers to connect not only with our social sphere but with ourselves. Here’s a good newspaper write-up on the project.

Also, I Make Music

The Great River” is a happy melodic techno track.

Invisible Space Journeys” is an melodic ambient techno drum ‘n’ bass album I composed in 1997, but which I re-discovered just recently. It’s now available as a free download for anyone who wants to have a listen.

Latest DJ mix: The “Some Guys Mix” isn’t even electronic… Well, mostly.

Leah, Benjamin, & Canton – Santa Fe Aspens 2011

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