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Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
T: (505) 501-8091

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"Canton saved my site when I was in a sticky situation. A few weeks before I was going to change over my site to a new host/developer, my site was hacked. When I called various developers in town to try to clean up the malware and rebuild my site to what it looked like previously, I got a dismal picture. Canton was luckily an expert on cleaning up Wordpress hacks, and he got my site working again within days. He was professional, kind and answered all of my questions with patience. Working with Canton is a breathe a fresh air and I truly feel that I can trust him. I recommend his work wholeheartedly."

- Andrea Cermanski

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Website Design & WordPress Programming

Your friendly professional Santa Fe web designer since 1994 — specializing in elegant and intuitive websites powered by WordPress and custom-tailored database content management systems.

Web DesignLet’s make an amazing website together.

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The 2015 redesign for

Upaya Zen Center wanted a dramatic new look for their website that reflected the intensity of their commitment to compassionate engagement. The challenge was to come up with a design that was both bold and welcoming at once.

Behind the scenes, virtually all of the website content was migrated into a mobile-responsive WordPress site so that Upaya’s staff could easily edit any page. A custom MySQL/PHP content management system handles paid membership, fundraising, and a few other areas of the site that have been tailored to exactly match Upaya’s business workflow. Read more.

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Redesign no. 3 for The Asia Foundation

I’ve been working with The Asia Foundation since 2008. Our second redesign in 2010 earned a prestigious Non-Profit Standard of Excellence Award from the Web Marketing Association. Six years later the website still worked great on desktop computers, but it wasn’t faring well on mobile devices. Our 2016 redesign was an ambitious project that included migrating thousands of records from a custom content management system into WordPress, and launching the new website on a cloud hosting platform to mirror assets on 50 severs worldwide.

Personal Obsessions is a noncommercial project currently in beta-testing that has been literally 20 years in the making. I’ve only been working on the programming for the past 5 years, but it’s all based on an idea I had in high school: “What if I started writing letters to be read by myself 10 years in the future?” This project touches on a number of my interests: journal keeping, artificial intelligence programming, and using computers to connect not only with our social sphere but with ourselves. Here’s a good newspaper write-up on the project.

Also, I Make Music

The Great River” is a happy melodic techno track.

Invisible Space Journeys” is an melodic ambient techno drum ‘n’ bass album I composed in 1997, but which I re-discovered just recently. It’s now available as a free download for anyone who wants to have a listen.

Latest DJ mixElectroswing and Jacked Jazz (90 minutes)

Leah, Benjamin, & Canton – Santa Fe Aspens 2011

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