DJ Mixes

I started DJ’ing with records in 1992 (on WNUR 89.3FM — Evanston, IL.) Since then I switched to CDs and more recently to mixing on a PowerBook with Native Instruments Traktor and a Feena FM-DJ9303 MIDI controller.

There’s a big variety of stuff here: techno, drum ‘n’ bass, ambient, electroswing, even some “real” music. All of the DJ sets on this page are recorded as high quality downloadable MP3s with no interruptions or voice-overs. Enjoy!

Selected DJ Sets 1999-2015

Latest Original Tracks

  • Shepard’s Pi: (Almost) Endless Space Music

    Shepard’s Pi: (Almost) Endless Space Music

    Shepard’s Pi” is one continous song that lasts for 999,999,999 hours, or about 114 years. I composed an algorithm to make this music using the first one billion digits of pi. Each digit (3.1415…) determines …
  • Peace Channel

    Peace Channel

    An Endlessly Looping Audio/Video Space Music Composition dedicated to Michael P. Becker (1944-2018) ABOUT THE MUSIC I remember one time when my friend Matt was taking a break from work, playing a Zimbabwean melody on …
  • The Great River (2018)

    The Great River (2018)

    Melodic fun and uplifting breaks composed between 2000 and 2018. 11 tracks, 1 hour 7 minutes STREAM / BUY Bandcamp | Spotify | Soundcloud | Apple Music | Google Play | Amazon | Tidal

Latest DJ Sets

  • Facebook Live Techno DJ Set (COVID-19 Quarantine)

    Facebook Live Techno DJ Set (COVID-19 Quarantine)

    One of the ways I’ve been keeping myself semi-socialized during this period of “social distancing” has been to throw down DJ sets on Facebook live. Here’s a 50 minute funky techno / acid techno set. …
  • “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    “Getting Technical” Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix

    Recorded live as a guest DJ on KMRD FM in Madrid, NM on Oblivious Word’s “Word Soup” show. This is a fairly “techno” type of drum ‘n’ bass mix: not jazzy or melodic. Sharp, precise, moving. …
  • Chimayo Electroswing

    Chimayo Electroswing

    Nice long leisurely mix of some classic and newer electroswing and jacked jazz. DJ’d live at a friend’s party in Chimayo, New Mexico under sunny skies chilling by the pond. If you are still sitting …
  • Canton’s 40th Birthday Mixtape

    Canton’s 40th Birthday Mixtape

      I turned 40 today! To celebrate, I put together a 2.5 hour continuous mix of the most moving, fun, inspirational, and peaceful music I’ve discovered over the last ten years. This musical trip will …
  • Leah’s Valentines Day Mix

    Leah’s Valentines Day Mix

    Or, "15 ways I might have said I love you myself." A lovely mix featuring Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Modest Mouse, A Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, and more...
  • Eclectic Mix of “Some Guys”

    Eclectic Mix of “Some Guys”

    A departure from my usual dance/electronica mixes. This one includes everything from Appalachian blues to electronic/glitch to hip hop to pirate ballads to chants. I put this together when a group of my Guy Friends …
  • Thirty-One Flavors 2000

    Thirty-One Flavors 2000

    Recorded at Ryan's birthday party in San Francisco. Moves from tekhouse to techno to electro to drum 'n' bass and back to tekstep in an hour. Yikes!
  • Funky Nasty Techno Mix

    Funky Nasty Techno Mix

    Recorded live from on top of Roe Mesa at a party in Northern New Mexico this past weekend. Funky techno / electro, featuring songs with dirty(ish) vocal samples. Starts off with 128 BPM techno, ends …