High-energy rolling drum ‘n’ bass. From an outdoors renegade party atop a New Mexico mesa. My dad recorded this in an unusual way, taking 75% of the mix straight from the desk, and 25% from microphones. As a result you can hear the crowd in the background.

I had such a good time playing this night. Such great energy from the dancers, meeting people who would change my life, dancing under the stars in a mesa wilderness at 8,000 feet.

Track List

01 sporophyte “invisible”
02 sporophyte “cesium”
03 sporophyte “hammerhead”
04 sporophyte “autosome”
05 darchives “first offence”
06 jonny l “uneasy”
07 sporophyte “super rok”

08 teebee “divided loyalties”
09 stakka & skynet “kraken”
10 techstepper “timebanditz”
11 stakka & skynet “kraken” Again, oops! 🙂
12 unknown “lunar bass”
13 kosheen “demonstrate”
14 desired state “invasion”
15 )EIB( “ceptor”