Before listening to these remixes, watch the video below to hear the usual interpretation of “Toryanse“, the traditional Japanese children’s melody played at pedestrian traffic crossings all over Japan:

This morning I flashed back to 2006 when video game maker Konami hired me to compose a dance remix of Toryanse for their Xbox release of Dance Dance Revolution. Did you listen to the melody in that video above? It is plain eerie – a definite timewarp into feudal japanese history – and making it danceable at all was a huge challenge.

All in all I think I went through 13 rounds of remixes back and forth before Konami finally settled on a techno genre tempo-warping version of the melody. Here’s an early draft version of the final mix (to which Konami still has exclusive rights):

Toryanse Techno Mix

© Copyright 2006 Konami

While digging through my files this morning, I rediscovered three completely different remixes I composed that Konami didn’t like. I’m releasing the following three tracks under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. This means you can do almost anything you like with these songs — download them, remix them, mash them up, extend them, even sell them — provided that you give me credit and link back to this website.

Toryanse Urban Mix

Toryanse Dark Children Mix

Toryanse Broken Children Mix