For the last few months I’ve been overhauling my iTunes library: cleaning, tagging, organizing, re-digitizing… and this morning I realized I didn’t have any of my own compositions in my library. While I was sorting through volumes of folders looking for various scattered original tracks, I found an ambient / techno / drum ‘n’ bass album I made in 1997 titled “Invisible Space Journeys“. The introductory quote is from one of my favorite heady films, “My Dinner With Andre” and goes something like this:

“In other words I’m talking about an underground… And the purpose of this underground is find out how to preserve LIGHT. Life. The culture. How to keep things living. You see, I keep thinking that what we need is a new language – a language of the heart. Some kind of language between people that is a new kind of poetry. The poetry of the dancing bee that tells us where the honey is. In order to create that language, you’re going to have to learn how you can go through a looking glass into another kind of perception where you have the sense of being united to all things… And suddenly, you understand everything!”

You can listen to Invisible Space Journeys below, or you can download the entire MP3 album as a ZIP file.