The Sculptabout Game

A two-player cooperative game for playing with clay

Materials you need: Six-sided die, and two containers of different colored clay or play-dough. (Use pink and blue if you want the stickers below to match.) Don’t have any play-dough? Make some. Don’t have a die? Sure you do!

Materials you will make: Click on the images below to view each PDF, which you can print out on regular 8.5 x 11 paper, or, better yet, card stock.

© Copyright 2008 by Canton Becker. Free to download and play.

Instructions and stickers

Print instructions-and-labels.pdf on regular paper (or, if you have it, sticker paper) and use it to decorate your clay containers and make a nice instruction card. The basic instructions are as follows:

This is a game for two players, or two teams of players who take turns as Player A and Player B. All players should be very high before starting game play. At the start of each turn, roll the 6-sided die and use the chart below to figure out which Sculptabout pile to draw from. Have Fun!

Card Fronts Page 1

Print card-fronts-page-1.pdf on card stock if possible.

Card Fronts Page 2

Print card-fronts-page-2.pdf on card stock if possible.

Card backs

Print card-backs.pdf on the reverse side of card fronts 1 and 2.  If you’re a ninja-class sheet-feeding geek, you can feed the card front printouts back into your printer so that these will appear on the other side. Do not feel bad if your first three attempts result in upside-down backs, or backs getting printed on top of your fronts.

However, do feel bad if this happens on your fourth attempt, because then you have exhausted all three incorrect possible orientations of sheet-feeding without hitting upon the correct one, and you are now repeating yourself. Next time, you shouldn’t get high until after you have assembled the game pieces.

If you just can’t get things to line up right, you can just print these out on a separate piece of paper, and then glue or tape them to the backs of the card fronts. This is also a nice way to bulk up the cards if you don’t have card stock.